onsdag 19. oktober 2011

Follow Miranda Daily

Celebrity-Gossip is a really good site if you want to follow Miranda Kerrs daily life. I discovered it a few days ago, and they're almost writing something every day + they always have photos taken by paparazzi's. If you want to take a look, click HERE! :)

LOVE this ouftit! 

tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Miranda and Flynn

I love Miranda kerr's blue cardigan, do anyone know where its from?
The picture is taken a few days ago, when Miranda landed in NYC.

Miranda Kerr walking her dog in New York

Miranda Kerr was walking her dog Frankie in NYC Monday (17.)

mandag 17. oktober 2011

KORA tinted day cream!

I really want to try out the KORA organics line, especially the kora tinted day cream. KORA organics have now changed the "form" of the tinted day cream into more of a mousse, AND with SPF 15, which makes me want to try it even more. The tinted day cream is a good option to foundation, it is much better than most foundations, because it doesnt have all the nasy chemicals in it. And maybe I'll try it out in a few months! if i do it will definitely be a review on it on this blog.


 If you want to check out the whole article Miranda wrote, please click here :)

søndag 16. oktober 2011

Miranda Kerr Vogue interview, David Jones

Hi! A video of Miranda being interviewed by Vougue Australia. I know its over a month ago, but for those who havent seen it yet, here it is!

See you soon xxx

Miranda Kerr at Heathrow airport 12 of october 2011

Miranda was at Heathrow airport this wednesday with her husband Orlando Bloom and their little son Flynn. 

lørdag 15. oktober 2011

Miranda Kerr Covers ELLE

Miranda covers Elle Magazine October 2011.
The shoot was inspired by the 80's.

What she is wearing:
-Yves Saint Laurent skirt
-bandeau bikini top
-chain belt from Douglas Rosin Decorative
-bracelets from Verdura
-Neclace from House Of Lavande

Miranda for Harper Bazaar

Miranda was shooted for the Harper Bazaar November issue!
Here are some pics from the shoot.


photographer: Simon Lekias
Styled by: Jillian Davidson

fredag 14. oktober 2011


Just wanted to share with you all that Miranda is in switzerland for shooting these days! Heres a pic! 

Welcome to Miranda Kerrs fanblog! :)

Hi! I have been a fan of Miranda for very long, and she is my true inspiration. I know she is a person many young girls, and also many others look up to. I have never really found a blog about miranda, that I was truly happy with. In this blog I will not only share with you the latest photos of Miranda, but also events she appears at, Kora organics, style tips, and maybe some makeup tutorials! I hope you find this interesting. Please invite your friends and others you know is a fan of Miranda, it will be very fun to hear your thoughts about the blog, and Miranda!

So lets start off with a picture!

See you soon! xxx